Specialists Engineers and Manufactures Specialising in Motorcycle Components.

Motionlogics Custom designed parts address known performance and reliability issues. Our components allow Racing enthusiasts to focus on winning, knowing their machinery is fitted with the best possible quality components.


Brake Lever Guard

Has a strong locking system that locks the brake lever guard solid, with an adjustable lever guard.

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Motionlogics motorcycle brake lever guard is designed to enhance rider safety, in the event of impact with another race bike. Our brake lever guard is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium to provide its strength and durability. Capable of taking heavy impacts from other motorcycle riders or even the ground. With multiple forward adjustments the guard can be positioned to suit your brake lever. Check out our technical data sheet.

Motorcycle Stand Spools

The Deep Vee location and low protrusion makes our motorcycle stand spools a excellent choice for your race bike.

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Locating the race bike stand hooks on the motorcycle stand spools is easy. While the low protrusion reduces the chances of them been torn off in a unfortunate moment.

  • Stand Spools come in range of anodised colours 
  • Available in M6, M8 & M10 Fine Pitch

Motorcycle Swing Arm Hooks

Our Swing Arm Hooks are a excellent replacement for the traditional Stand Knob's. Reduce that chance's of breaking the mounting point on the swing arm in a accident.

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  • Light Weight Aircraft Alloy
  • Strong
  • Reduced Protrusion

Motorcycle Rear Sets

Improve your riding style personal track times by positioning yourself correctly on your race bike by fitting our motionlogics motorcycle rear sets.