Motionlogics Rear Sets are aimed at the racer where performance is a must at a affordable price. Where Motionlogics can offer all rear sets components as a spare part in case of a unfortunate accident where your rear sets may get damaged.

Motionlogics rear set's are manufactured in Australia in our factory in Edwardstown South Australia.
We are a privately owned company Nordon Pty. Ltd.


Triumph 675 Triple 2007-2012 Rear Sets

Triumph 675 Triple 2013 Rear Sets

Our 2013 Triumph 675 Rear Sets are built to perform. Our gear linkage mount differently to most after market rear sets. The side stand bracket is removed and the new gear mount is fitted. This allows a much more posative gear shift compared to mounting on the rear set itself. No flex from the rear sets is transmitted thru when shifting gears. In the case of a accident and its crucial to get back on the bike to maintain winning points in a  race, our gear link rod does not go thru the frame. Where a bend in a rear set may affect shifting gears and preventing you finishing the race.