xs1100 case view side trimmed

XS1100 Chain Drive

Our re-designed XS1100 chain drive conversion adapts without change to the standard factory crankcase.


Credit to Malcolm Pitman who has helped Nordon Pty. Ltd., engineer a xs1100 chain drive conversion based on Pitman's XS1100 chain drive conversion. Pitman's chain drive conversion was developed for Greg Pretty's Yamaha XS1100 which he raced in 1981 and won the Coca Cola 800 at Sydney's Oran Park Raceway.

What makes Motionlogics Conversion Kit better?

Two Bearings mounted, one each end of the sprocket shaft. This configuration is many times stronger than cantilever shaft with double bearings on one side of the sprocket.


XS1100 ENGINE With a Chain Drive Conversion

Our chain drive kit is robust enuogh to handle the most heavy duty application.

Historical Speedway side car fitted with a Motionlogics  XS1100 Chain Drive Conversion

XS1100 Chain Drive Parts List