Motorcycle Clip Ons

We have just started a new Breed of Clip On's that you have all been waiting for.

Motionlogics motorcycle clip on's help you get in the correct riding position on your race bike. By selecting the correct clip on's will improve riders position therefore helping to enhancing riding style and lap times.

Motionlogics Clip On's are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and CNC machined for precison fittment.

We also offer replacement clip on bars and bar ends for our Motionlogics Clip Ons  manufacture from High Grade Aircraft Aluminium



SX Series Clip On's

Check out our new style clip on

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Motionlogics have put many hours in developing its new SX series clip on with its unique bar clamping. Not like most conventional clip ons this one has its bar clamp at the back of the clip on. Creating more room for your clutch perch/master cylinder and your front brake master cylinder.

Our SX Series clip ons  fork tube clamp is wider, spreading the load on the fork tube reducing the chances of the fork tube been damaged by the clip on's from a impact.

SX Series closely replicates the bar position of the latest ZX10 Kawasaki and R1 Yamaha. Allowing your handle bars to turn without interfering with your fairings. 

Motionlogics Clip On's come with 2 x bars and 2 x bar ends or perhaps BUNDLE them with other associated parts for a better deal