Replacement Brake Hangers & Gear Hangers

Secondary Bracket that your Foot Peg bolts to that Fixes to The Hanger Brackets Bolted to the Motorcycle Frame

CNC Machined

  • From Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Surface Finish

Sample text simply exists so you can see what your new block looks like.

BH1-Brake Hanger

GH1 - Gear Hanger - Motionlogics

GH1-Gear Hanger

BH3-Brake Hanger

GH3-Gear Hanger

BH4 - Brake Hanger

GH4 - Gear Hanger

BH6-Brake Hanger

GH6-Gear Hanger

BH9 Gear Hanger

GH9-1 Gear Hanger

BH12-Brake Hanger

GH12-Brake Hanger

BH13-Brake Hanger

GH13-Brake Hanger

BH14-Brake Hanger

GH14-Brake Hanger

BH20 - Brake Hanger

BH21 - Brake Hanger

GH21 - Gear Hanger

BH22 - Brake Hanger

GH22 - Gear Hanger

BH25 - Brake Hanger

GH25 - Gear Hanger

BH26 - Brake Hanger - Aprilia

GH26 - Gear Hanger - Aprilia