Australian Made

Motionlogics manufacturing Plant is based at Nordon Pty. Ltd. in Edwardstown, South Australia 

CNC Machined Billet

All Major Parts are Manufacture from a Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Spare Parts Available

Stock Rear Sets Spare Parts

3D Modeling-Rear Sets

Manufacturing Plant  

(Nordon Pty. Ltd.) Based in Edwardstown South Australia. Manufacture all Motionlogics components using the latest CAD/CAM and CNC equipment to ensure consistent quality and design of each individual component. 


Spare Parts 

 It can't get much simpler all Motionlogics Rear Sets have a component list to help select the spare part you Require. Look up your model for the spare parts list. However we don't mind if you give us a call for assistance.

Ph. Nat. (08) 82779191

Ph. Int. Nat. 61-8-82779191

Fixed or Folding Pegs Benefits


 In the case of impact where your foot peg hits the ground there is always a chance the next point of contact is the sides of your crank cases. Benefits over a fixed foot peg verses a folding foot peg is that it the rear set takes a lot of the impact.  You might not like your rear set being damaged but it could be a lot less expensive than repairing a engine especially if the crank case has to be replaced. 

Rear Sets Strength - Verses Flex

It is important to understand that if a rear set is so strong and ridge that it will probably withstand crashes better than some. However if your rear sets are to strong/rigid a heavy impact to your rear sets could cause the mounts on your frame that your rear sets are attached to to bend or even break off.  At Motionlogics we substitute some rigidity and strength to help reduce this happening in a accident.