Replacement Foot Pegs and Accessories

"Improve your motorcycle's handling and stability even in wet and dry conditions with our M8 female threaded foot pegs. These foot pegs are designed to provide a secure and stable platform for your feet while riding, with a textured surface that offers superior grip and traction in all weather conditions. The end of the peg also has additional grip for added stability and control. Made from durable materials, these foot pegs are built to withstand the rigors of the road and provide long-lasting performance. The M8 female thread compatibility makes it easy to install on most motorcycle models with M8 male threads. These foot pegs are perfect for riders who want to improve their motorcycle's handling and stability while providing a comfortable and secure footing in any weather condition."

Foot Peg - 70mm Long M8 Female Thread

Foot Peg - 80mm Long M8 Female Thread

Foot Peg -80mm Long M10 Female Thread

Foot Peg Spacer - 20mm Long Thu Hole Dia.8

Toe Peg - TP1- 40mm Long M6 Female Thread

Fixed motorcycle foot pegs offer several advantages over folding foot pegs, including added protection for your motorcycle engine cases in the event of an accident.

One of the biggest advantages is their durability and strength. Fixed foot pegs are typically made from a solid piece of metal, which provides a more stable and secure platform for your feet while riding. They are less likely to bend or break, even in the event of a crash, providing added safety and peace of mind for the rider. Additionally, fixed foot pegs tend to be less bulky and more streamlined, which can improve the overall look of your motorcycle. They also have a more positive feel and function with less play and slop, allowing for more precise shifting and braking.

In the event of a crash, fixed foot pegs can also help protect your motorcycle engine cases. Folding foot pegs can collapse, which can cause damage to the engine cases. On the other hand, fixed foot pegs will remain in place and take the impact of the crash, preventing damage to the engine cases and other parts of the motorcycle. This provides added protection for your motorcycle and can help reduce the cost of repairs in the event of an accident.